Jelly of the Month Club, the ultimate "fun for the whole family" show. 
For the last 10 years they have had their sites on inspiring,  entertaining and educating kids and adults of all ages. 
Having performed at countless civic events, schools, resorts and amusements parks across the country, this seasoned group of entertainers and producers collectively set their sites on a new frontier: education.  
Being a group of passionate music educators, the band launched a virtual music education curriculum - and so was born, the Jelly of the Month Club Music Academy.  The debut course, JMA MUSIC 101, is an entire curriculum for TK-1st grade Music Education.  The course is packed with original catchy songs with learning tricks, and reimagined pneumonic devices designed specifically to get into the minds and hearts of kids. 
JMA MUSIC 101 is only the beginning, Jelly of the Month Club has outlines for several more courses, with the goal to offer everything from Ukulele Lessons to a Junior Producers Hip Hop course on making beats.
With top notch writers, musicians, producers and animators, there is no stopping this giant Jelly Juggernaut.