We are Jelly of the Month Club, and this our story..


Jelly of the Month Club is a traveling musical troupe founded on the ethos of inspiring, educating and entertaining kids and adults alike.

All members are professional musicians, songwriters, producers and educators, seasoned by years of teaching and performing music all across the country.   

Jelly of the Month Club Music Academy was founded for the very purpose of taking a fresh approach to children's education and entertainment.  Our debut course, JMA Music 101, is officially live and is a brilliant introduction to music for kids.









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Ahead of the Curve

We offer an innovative approach to early learning in music education with a course specifically designed to capture the hearts and imaginations of kids everywhere.  With catchy songs to play along to, and slap stick style comedy, it’s the winning combination to inspire and enrich young minds.  Watch your kid’s creativity flourish as they practice and employ pattern recognition and begin to sharpen their fine motor skills.  And all under the guise of cartoon fun and Guitar Hero style play alongs in our “Virtual Instruments Studio”.

STEAM learning is at the core of our courses, exercising kid’s minds in technology, mathematics and of course the arts.  This kind of experiential learning is irreplaceable and will give kids a great advantage as they continue in all aspects of their education.

Accessible anywhere at anytime, JMA offers comprehensive state of the art courses developed by our team of expert educators, writers and entertainers.  This course lays the perfect foundation for music literacy by implementing proven methods as well was inventing a few of our own.

Our premiere course, “Music 101”, is the ultimate introduction to the magical world of music.  All delivered by a jolly little polliwog and his fantastical animal friends, JMA is the perfect first handshake to music.

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What?! Jelly of the Month Club members have been visiting local schools??! 

What started out as a monthly visit to surrounding schools has quickly become weekly appearances.  With a wonderfully overwhelming response to an offer to donate a performance a month, JOTMC has now been appearing almost weekly at local schools to keep up with the demand and keep the spirit of music in schools alive!

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